I Am My Brother

“Taking them Back: Our Boys, Our Men”
 Roundtable Discussion 

November 4, 2017 | 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Brooklyn, NY

“Taking them Back: Our Boys, Our Men” Roundtable Discussion to discuss the state of our Black male youth. This event will launch a platform for Black men of various backgrounds to communicate, ask questions, and candidly respond to questions that relate to the state of our youth. The goals of the roundtable discussion is to openly discuss the current issues and needs of our boys, identify action plans, as well as healthy and supportive pathways from boyhood to manhood. 

“i Am My Brother” is an initiative launched by i Am My Sister to support the growth and development of Boys and Young Men of Color.

We are committed to empowering Boys and Young Men of Color by imparting core principles of integrity, respect, accountability, discipline, and service to increase high school and post-secondary education graduation rates, decrease involvement in the criminal justice system, enhance employability, and cultivate entrepreneurship mindsets.

Consistent with our purpose and core principles, we hope that this roundtable will begin the discussion, create partnerships, and action plans to shift the state of our youth and the perception of the lack of Black male involvement in the community.

Stay Tuned for Details

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