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I Am My Sister was started out of my desire to create a support system for others that my grandmother was for my sister and I.  Being born to a teen mother who would spent more than half of my life on drugs and a father I would never come to know created a number of emotional challenges; fear of abandonment, feeling isolated, and not feeling good enough.  Eventually, I would become a teen mom to a beautiful little girl and marry young on a search to give my daughter the family that I so longed for and in hopes that it would take all my hurts and insecurities away.

Through many life experiences, professionally and personally, I would hear many stories that would all go back to a lack of self-love. I would hear the struggles of my sister as she longed to have a love from our mom that she just wasn’t capable of giving. There had to be a way for me to help. I began networking and researching to figure out the needs in the community. I wanted to know if there was a need for what I had to offer.  I desired to start an organization for teen girls that would become their support system. It would be there when faced with defining moments in their lives, when dealing with self-esteem issues, break-ups, college questions, finding a job, questions about sex, possibly teen pregnancy or how to be a great teen parent. We would be there to help them develop skills and to provide resources. It would also be a way for my sister to know that she was not alone and that I understood; it would be called I Am My Sister.

Almost, five years later, we are on our way to becoming a national organization and added I Am My Brother to support our male youth. Now, a single mom of four daughters, an extensive background in Non-Profit Management, Human Resources Management, business development and management and corporate training, I know there is success on the other side.

We all have defining moments in our lives, but they don’t define us. It’s the collection of those defining moments that will ultimately tell our story.

My hope is that as you visit our site, you will gain a better understanding of why the programs we have exist. Our programs are developed to give support to our youth as they come face-to-face with those defining moments. To give them resources, skills, opportunities, mentors or maybe just a friend...a sister to help them through and to have some fun through the process. Thank you for your interest in I Am My Sister and I hope to meet you soon!

Warmest Regards,


Lela M. Blackwell
Founder & President
I Am My Sister