"inspiring youth to love who they are... helping them figure out where they are going... providing the resources to help them get there"

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To one young person $25.00 is a small amount to invest into their future, but to another $25.00 is huge barrier holding them back from who they are truly destined to be.

The hardest thing to do is to turn away a young person because they do not have $25.00 for their annual membership fee…and so we don’t. We often sponsor teen girls to allow them to participate in our programs; we sow into their future and we are asking you to do the same.

Make a difference for one youth by becoming a Sponsor

Help open the door of hope, opportunity and support to the life of one youth for just $25.00.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities:

I Am My Sister Club Membership (school clubs ONLY): $10.00 annual membership dues

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program: Please contact us at 704-524-7376 as the cost of evidence-based program vary.