"inspiring youth to love who they are... helping them figure out where they are going... providing the resources to help them get there"

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I Am My Sister program are designed to help youth make positive choices and create positive futures. We believe that parents and caregivers are our most important partners in helping youth grow and succeed. In an effort to support that entire family unit, we have developed workshops just for parents and caregivers! 

Resume Writing 

Job Searching Strategies 101

Interviewing and Offer Negotiation (We offer four workshops on this topic)

  • Ace the Interview
  • Presenting Accomplishments
  • Behavior-Based Interviewing 
  • Negotiating the Offer


Meal Planning

Cooking Lessons

Communicating with your Teens (We offer two workshops on this topic)

  • "Blah, Blah, Blah"
  • The Universal Language of Teenagers...and some adults...LOL

Getting your Teen to College

Setting Boundaries

Expectations 101

"The Single Parent Life"

Becoming and Entrepreneur

Networking to Win


Parent Matters!

For a full program brochure or to schedule a workshop for your church, organization or group email us at programs@iammysister.org