"inspiring youth to love who they are... helping them figure out where they are going... providing the resources to help them get there"

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Our Journey

What’s in a Name?

The number one question we are asked is about the organization name “I Am My Sister”; originally “You Are My Sister”.

I Am My Sister represents the bond of females…of sisters. It represents the understanding and compassion that we have for one another. It represents the responsibility we must carry to uplift and build up other females. We're accountable to and for one another because “WHAT AFFECTS YOU AFFECTS ME”.


Why Pearls for our Logo?

Are you familiar with the life of a pearl and the process it goes through to ultimately become what it's destine to be. It comes out dirty and slimy; you have to clean it just to find out what color it is and polished it in order to assess its value.

Although, the logo and eventually the name has changed a little over the years, it continues to be a STRAND of pearls and never a single pearl. Every pearl represents a defining moment in the lives of our girls...our young ladies. Their lives are not defined by one single event...mistake...or struggle. It's a collection of those "defining moments" that continue to tell their story; it all comes full circle.