Start a Club

Welcome to the official “Start an I Am My Sister Club Application”. We are thrilled that you are interested in becoming a part of the I Am My Sister family. To get started make sure you have read over the entire application process and completed all required forms as you will need the information during the application process.

Can you receive text?

Are you a youth starting an I Am My Sister Club?

If "Yes"

School Club Sponsor

Adult Club Advisor for Non-School Clubs started by Youth

Has the Adult Club Advisor completed our volunteer application?

You’re almost done!

Before you submit the application, let’s go through the application checklist

* Secured club meeting location.

* Identified the School Sponsor / Club Advisor.

* There’s at least club members.

* All required forms completed (school permission form, advisor forms, an enrollment application for each of the initial club members.

* Packet of forms ready to mail to I Am My Sister Corporate Office.

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