The Power Source

“Black Youth Re-Defined”

“Power Source” is an innovative program using the power of transmedia art to help re-define the perception of black youth first to themselves and then to others.


Program Model

I Am My Brother use a “THREE POWER OUTLETS” to help us get to the POWER SOURCE.


The Campaign

Black Youth RE-DEFINED

P.S. – Adding what’s missing from the core


The Program

Through the use of videos, other black youth and men, community service learning, and discussions, program participants will learn:

And understand the difference between “Who I Am” and “Who Am I”


To consciously question assumptions about themselves and others based on limited identity tags


Be able to assess their current behavior and decisions in connects with their future selves


How to identify and seek out resources in the community


How to become a resource in the community


About the dynamics of social communications and how the I Am My Brother: Power Source Project can be used to facilitate healing dialogue and resolve conflict.

Skills to empower them as entrepreneurs

The Project

Program participates will create a video facilitating an inter-generational conversation between Black male youth and Black men of various backgrounds. On video, a Black youth asks a significant question of a Black man. The Black man is then show the questions and his response is then recorded. Then the roles are reverse.

The project gives the youth the opportunity to ask and answer questions, as well as talk about the challenges they are facing in their pursuit to become MEN. The men in the video have the opportunity to respond and ask questions, as well as share the community’s perception of male youth, and offer feedback and support.

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