In the Mind of the President

I remember hosting our first volunteer orientation back in 2011 in Charlotte, NC. I asked each of the attendees about their future goals and how we as an organization could support them in those endeavors. There was an attendee named Brittney Jenkins. Brittney was a single mom of one daughter and aspired to become an entreprenuer.  At the end of the orientation, I surprised all of the attendees with the opportunity to join us on a three day all expenses paid trip to Disney World; Brittney and her daughter attended.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to slowly watch Brittney’s aspirations become a reality. Words cannot begin to express how proud I am of this young woman. These days, Brittney isn’t just a single mom, she’s a college graduate, a motivational speaker, the Owner of Exquisite Tastes (I promise her cake in a jar will melt in your mouth) and Queendom Essence, an Emerald Executive at It Works Global, and NOW A PUBLISHED AUTHOR of a book called “Camouflaged Bitterness” all accomplished days before turning 30.

My Thoughts…

We all have defining moment in the lives, but we are not defined by that one single event…mistake…or struggle. It’s a collection of those “defining moments” that continue to tell our story; it all comes full circle.

Watching Brittney walk into her destiny has been an absolute blessing. Join me in supporting Brittney by purchasing her new book “Camouflaged Bitterness”: Masking was her Calling, you can find it on



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