Core Programs

Our Model

Our programs begin in the 8th grade and progresses through a student’s high school and post-secondary education. It places a strong emphasis on service to develop the whole person. Partnerships with schools, businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and government provide opportunities for program implementation as well as mentoring and real-world leadership opportunities.


5 Core Programs

i Am My Sister Club™

“It’s more than a club…it’s a SISTERHOOD”
“I Am My Sister Club” is a bi-weekly youth led group that prepares teen girls for a successful future through personal and leadership development, peer support and community service all while building bonds of sisterhood.
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The Abby Project™

“The Abby Project” uses peer interviews, blogs, and vlogs to gain feedback on how youth view the topic of abstinence and the power of media’s influence on the youth’s perspective on the topic using peer interviews and vlogs.
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The Attic Pop-Up Shop™

“Shopping Re-Defined”
“The Attic” Pop-Up Shop” is phase one of our Youth Workforce Development Initiative. High school students can shop at their school on a quarterly basis at “The Attic” Pop-Up Shop with points earned through receiving good grade, helping around the school and community, and exhibiting good citizenship. “The Attic” is ran by youth with support from retail store professional mentors.
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i Am the Big Sister Mentoring Program™

“Sometimes you just need a friend… a sister”
The “Big Sister’s” share their experiences as positive role models. And the “Little Sister’s” learn that they are not alone in the issues they face and that understanding, kindness and compassion can be the foundation for better relationships with others.
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Take One Youth Program™

“Take One Youth Program” is our Adolescent Sexual Health. The overall goal of the program is to provide outreach and education efforts, including programs on abstinence, delaying the initiation of sex, and negotiating safer sex to decrease the rate of unplanned pregnancies and STD/STI rates among youth.
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I Am My Sister provides additional programs, as well as one-day and multi-day seminars, workshops, and series on topics specific to the physical, educational and emotional growth of today’s youth. Seminars and workshops can be hosted at churches, schools, organizations and occasional directly in the community.
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Collectively, I Am My Sister Club’s has completed over 13,000 community service hours as a group and even more individually.


98% of program participants attend two or four year colleges or university; many receiving academic and community service related scholarships.


All five of our core programs are not just youth centered, but youth developed and facilitated.

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