The Attic


“The Attic” Pop-Up Shop is an innovative program that connects shopping with mentoring and workforce development.

“The Attic” allowing high school students to purchase the things they want and need using points they’ve earned through excelling in school; not just excelling with good grades, but by exhibiting good citizenship in school and in the community.


“Shopping RE-DEFINED”



Academic Incentive

Students earn points by getting good grades or showing improvement, helping around the school and community, and exhibiting good citizenship. These points are giving to students by teachers, guidance counselors and school administrators.

These points are loaded onto “The Attic” loyalty card that will allow students to shop in “The Attic” pop-up shop for a week on a quarterly basis.



“The Attic” is ran by students and volunteers retail professionals. The volunteers mentor
students on different roles in the retail industry; merchandising, stocking/replenishment, sales and customer service. These skills help students obtain current employment and post high school careers.


Workforce Development

Volunteering at “The Attic” and being mentored by retail professionals help to give the students real life work experience. The program helps students create resumes and work with retail program partners for employment opportunities for students that meet the required eligibility.

“The Attic” promote goals such as enhanced employability and increased access to employment. The programs also aim to build self-confidence and reduce youth’s vulnerability to participate in conflict, extremism, and violent crimes.

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