"inspiring youth to love who they are... helping them figure out where they are going... providing the resources to help them get there"

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Signature Programs

i Am My Sister Club

"i Am My Sister Club" is a bi-weekly teen led group that prepares teen girls for a successful future through leadership development, peer support and community service. Clubs typically start in September and last through June.   

Skills developed while having fun and building a sisterhood:

  • Research
  • Program Development 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Problem Solving
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Giving back though community service learning projects

Additionally, Leaders/Officers learn:

  • Budgeting
  • Program Evaluation 
  • Accountability through monthly reporting


PROGRAM AVAILABLE: North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New York and Georgia (Atlanta Metropolitan Area)

i Am the Big Sister Mentoring Program

"i Am the Big Sister Mentoring Program" is a simple idea; sometimes you just need a friend...a sister. Someone that has made it through what they consider the most "scariest" times in the their lives.

The "Big Sister's" have the opportunity to share their experiences as positive role models. And the "Little Sister's" have a chance to learn that they are not alone in the issues they face and that understanding, kindness and compassion can be the foundation for better relationships with others.

In doing so, all the girls develop confidence, leadership skills and compassion.

We have two options for i AM the BIG SISTER Mentoring Program:

  • Big Sister - College Sudents / Little Sister - High School Students
  • Big Sister - High School Students / Little Sister - Middle School Students


PROGRAM AVAILABLE: North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New York and Georgia (Atlanta Metropolitan Area)

i Am A Pre-Teen

 "i AM a Pre-Teen" provides support for girls ages 10-12 as they begin to venture into a world of being a teenager. i AM a Pre-Teen focuses on body image, hygiene, friendship, bullying, leadership and of course community service.



Take One Youth Program

"Take One Youth Program" is our Adolescent Sexual Health. The overall goal of the program is to provide outreach and education efforts, including programs on abstinence, delaying the initiation of sex, and negotiating safer sex to decrease the rate of unplanned pregnancies and STD/STI rates amongst youth.

Additionally, the Take One Youth Program exposes youth to community service learning opportunities, teach effective life management skill, and help youth develop a positive self-image and begin to set achievable goals.

Take One Youth Program implements the following Health and Human Service approved evidence based programs:

Teen Outreach Program (TOP), Making Proud Choices, Project AIM, SHARP* and All 4 U!

*Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Prevention (SHARP) was formerly known as HIV Risk Reduction Among Detain Adolescents. This single session, group-based intervention is designed to reduce sexual risk behaviors among high-risk adolescents in juvenile detention facilities.


PROGRAM AVAILABLE (based on grant funding): North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, Maryland and California

**Program for Females and Males 

Teen Parent Support Program

Teen parents require additional support in order to finish school, raise healthy children, and set and accomplish goals for the future. Our "Teen Parent Support Program" offers support groups, one-on-one mentoring, and parenting and life skills training to help give teen parents all the resources to become great parents and successful men and women.


PROGRAM AVAILABLE: California Only (Los Angeles Metropolitan Area), Coming Soon to North Carolina

*Program for Females and Males

i AM a Youth Apprentice! Program

 i AM a Youth Apprentice! Program provides youth ages 16-21 years old with occupational training and hands-on work experience to positively impact the communities future workforce.


PROGRAM AVAILABLE: California Only (Los Angeles Metropolitan Area), Coming Soon to North Carolina

*Program for Females and Males

Standard Programs

College Advising and Application Assistance

I Am My Sister can help you navigate through the process of getting into college.

Assistance Includes - Registering and preparing for SAT'S & ACT'S, assistance in choosing the right school for your desired major or career, learning about and apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships, learning about college requirements and ultimately helping you apply for college.

Love is Not Abuse

Love is Not Abuse is a teenage dating violence and abuse curriculum for high school/college aged youth. Love is Not Abuse's entry into the issue is unique; it uses brief, engaging texts (e.g. poetry, short stories, excerpts from screenplays, and theatrical plays) as a springboard to build young people's awareness of how to make healthy choices in relationships and what to do if they are in abusive ones. Love is Not Abuse also uses a special blend of literature and health education and draws on the motivating power of literature to help teenagers build effective strategies for dealing with relationship violence and abuse.


PROGRAM AVAILABLE: North Carolina and South Carolina

*Program for Females and Males

**The Love is Not Abuse curriculum was created by Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. (formerly Liz Claiborne Inc.) in conjunction with Education Development Center, Inc; Breaking the Cycle; WiredSafety.org and the National Network to End Domestic Violence(NNEDV). 

Youth Lock Ins

Our Youth Lock Ins is an accelerated weekend program addressing a number of the character education programs referenced under I Am My Sister or I Am My Brother. The program begins on a Friday afternoon and youth are allowed to return to their homes on Sunday afternoon. Specific program content will be determine based on individual client  needs.


PROGRAM AVAILABLE: Georgia (Atlanta Metropolitan Area) Only

Youth Offenders Support Program

 I Am My Sister and I Am My Brother provides programs and resources to support divisions of the Department of Juvenile Justice in an effort to redirect low-risk troubled youth into effective alternatives to traditional detainment. Our innovative programs, project based initiatives, partnerships and community service projects are in line with I Am My Sister and I Am My Brother program focuses.

*Our Youth Offeneders Support Programs can be constomized to fit the needs of the division and/or population. This includes becoming a resource for youth offenders to complete their required community service hours as well as offering mandatory parent/youth programming and resources.


PROGRAMS AVAILABLE: North Carolina and Georgia (Atlanta Metropolitan Area)


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I Am My Sister and I Am My Brother provide one-day and multi-day seminars, workshops and series on a variety of topics specifc to the physical, educational and emotional growth of today's youth. Seminars and workshops can be hosted at churches, schools, organizations and occasional directly in the community.

For a complete list of seminars, workshops and series email us at programs@iammysister.org