The Power Source™

“Black Youth Re-Defined”

“Power Source” is an innovative program using videos, other black men and youth, community service learning, and discussions to help re-define the perception of black youth first to themselves and then to others.
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Life 101: Lessons for Teenage Fathers™

Life 101: Lessons for Teenage Fathers is a 16 week program to help non-custodial adolescent fathers connect with their child in a healthy and productive manner; model and teach them how to be involved in the child-rearing process; to continue their education on the secondary level and encourage post-secondary or vocational pursuits.
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Big B.R.O. Mentoring Program™

Big B.R.O. Mentoring Program understands the unique bond between “Brothers”, especially a “Little Brother” and a “Big Brother”. In the I Am the Brother Mentoring Program, the big brothers are college males to high school males and high school males to middle school males.
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Brothers Recognizing Opportunities – B.R.O.™

Brothers Recognizing Opportunities (B.R.O.) is a male group that supports the Big B.R.O. Mentoring Program to provide extensive academic support and college prep, with a strong emphasis on leadership development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and career readiness. The group also has specific initiative focusing on civic engagement and community service.
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